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The company segments teh market, chooses teh best segments, and develops a strong position in each chosen segment.

The company maps it customers’ needs, perceptions, preferences, and behavior and motivates its stakeholders to obsess about serving and satisfying the customers.

The company knows its major competitors and their strengths and weakness.

The company build partners out of its stakeholders and generously rewards them.

The company develops systems for identifying opportunities, ranking them, and choosing the best ones.

The company manages a marketing planning system that leads to insightful long-term and short-term plans.

The company exercises strong control over its product and service mix.

The company builds strong brands by using the most cost-effective communication and promotion tools.

The company builds marketing leadership and a team spirit among its various departments.

The company constantly adds technology that gives it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Adapted from Philip Kotler, Ten Deadly Marketing Sins (Hoboken, NJ: John Willey & Sons, 2004) pp. 10, 145-148